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Bathroom Renovations

1. It has never cost less

We at Fix It have been doing bathroom renovations for a long and because we are bathroom renovation specialists, we can show you how to get the most out of your new bathroom for less than might have been otherwise possible. 
2. Bathroom renovations can add more value to your home than any other type of renovation

It’s a fact, according to research from the United States, and anecdotal evidence suggests that the same applies in New Zealand. We’re seeing that the standard of the bathrooms is a make-or-break factor in home-buying decisions.
3. We’re bathroom specialists

We do more bathroom renovations than anything else, throughout New Zealand. We’re positively dripping with good ideas and advice we would love to share with you.
4. We make renovating your bathroom(s) easier and more stress-free than ever

Our aim is to take all the hassle and stress out of bathroom renovation by managing the whole process for you – everything from design and even finance, right through to project management and completion. What could be easier?
5. We’re different

No matter how much or how little you want to spend on your bathroom, you’ll want it to look and feel special. We understand that, and use our design flair and personal touches to ensure your new bathroom really reflects your personality. Vive la difference!
6. We’re local but part of a nationwide group

You benefit from the convenience of dealing with our local business owner as well as the security of knowing that the business is part of a larger organisation.
7. We back it all up with our written Peace of Mind Guarantee

Everyone in our industry claims they guarantee their work, but only we offer the Fix It Peace of Mind Guarantee in writing, providing you with not one, but 9 guarantees, including:

Our Fixed Price Guarantee
Our Guaranteed Completion Date