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The complete one-call-does-it-all renovation and building repair professionals.  Fix It Renovation Services offers free advice and ideas on all home renovations. Including bathrooms, kitchens, decks and additions, you name it -  and is backed by an exclusive 10 Point Peace of Mind Guarantee.

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Future Proofing your home.

When looking to renovate we not only assist you to focus on the design but we will work with you to maximise the energy efficiency to both provide a cosy environment as well as lower on-going power costs. We will also look closely at the layout to achieve a result that provides a whole-of-life solution.

So what is Whole-of-life?

This is about your home having the ability to provide comfort into the future, no matter who lives in the house.

The floors should be at ground level and all the rooms should be easily accessible, this also includes access for a wheelchair. So the doorways should be wide enough to accommodate this scenario. Light fixtures and fittings are easily reached, whether you are sitting down or unable to bend over.

The home should be well insulated, ceiling, walls and floors. An eco-friendly heating system should be installed.

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What is a Licenced Building Practitioner?

In brief, a Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP) is a tradesperson, designer, carpenter/builder, roofer, block layer, concrete specialist, foundation specialist - or anyone that has been assessed as competent to carry out the work that is an essential part of the structure to any residential building. This qualification has also been extended to cover the weather tightness of the building as the events that caused 'Leaky Building Syndrome' is what made the LBP come into existence and now provides a mandatory signoff of any structural work by a qualified person, who is then held accountable for the well-being of the structure.